Library of Congress
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Library of Congress Traditions Transformed : The CJK Project. This seven-minute film was shown continuously as part of an exhibit of modern Japanese calligraphy at the Library of Congress. The exhibit traveled to other cities around the world, including New York, Rome, Cologne and Tokyo. After a brief celebration of the beauty of East Asian calligraphy, the film observes how the symbolic nature of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages has been difficult to reconcile with modern mechanical and electronic word processing technologies. The film reveals how the Library of Congress succeeded in its goal to create, retrieve and institutionally share bibliographic information through direct use of Chinese, Japanese and Korean character symbols themselves. On the terminal keyboard, a 245 component system is used alone or in combination, to create over 14,000 character symbols in less than 10 keystrokes. It would be a revolutionary breakthrough for research libraries worldwide.

Library Binding: Shared Responsibility-Collaborative Effort. This half-hour program was produced for the Library of Congress and the Library Binding Institute. It dramatizes and articulates the need for research library preservation librarians to understand what it takes for commercial library binderies to prepare books for many years of use and potential abuse. The people, the process the care and quality involved in library binding are revealed and illuminated.

Democracy Goes to the Movies is a film completed for the Library of Congress and commissioned to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Congress. It reveals how Hollywood has portrayed Congress in feature films through the year. Tides of Party Politics is a short documentary video which was featured within a major Library of Congress exhibition on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the United States Congress. Hosted and narrated by National Public Radio reporter, Cokie Roberts, archival film footage, still photography and political cartoons counterpoint examination of the Library's unique collection of maps representing the historical distribution of party control over congressional districts after each congressional election since 1789. Examination of the period from 1928 to 1946 reveals how the landscape of American politics was shaped and reshaped by each congressional election.

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